Comprehensively the best poetry gig I have ever been to… the finest portrayal of how performance poetry should be…``

PopShot Magazine

…an amazing night at The Roebuck. Like all the best things in life, it’s done with commitment, belief and passion. If you haven’t been, you get the joy of discovering it for yourself every Thursday.”

Phil Jupitus

Bang Said the Gun is one of the best poetry nights in the country; the combination of excitement, enthusiasm and deep, deep concentration on the poems is a wonder to behold! Long may it continue!”

Ian McMillan

Bang Said the Gun is wonderful: a vortex of energy and enthusiasm”

Andrew Motion

Let England Shake! Bang Said The Gun grabs poetry by its shoulders and shakes it until dirty, funny words fall out. Bang Said The Gun crosses poetry reading with stand up comedy to create a hilarious and rabid poetry mongrel. It’s a night as political as it is trivial, as serious as it is funny.”


It really is the best spoken word night in London, if not the Northern Hemisphere.”

Matt Harvey

One of the best performance poetry clubs I’ve performed at in the last 20 years…”

Attila The Stockbroker

The best club gig I’ve been to in 12 years. Other promoters should be at Bang Said The Gun taking notes.”

Luke Wright

The loudest, funnest, most inclusive poetry night I’ve been to. It’s a belter.”

Joe Dunthorne

If all events were as good as BANG SAID THE GUN then poetry would be a bloody celebrated art form…”

Nathan Filer

Bang Said The Gun – The Death Of Poetry!”

Oxford University

Bang Said The Gun – The Re-Birth of Poetry!``

Cambridge University

Bang Said The Gun wins the School of Dark poetry gig of the year. Had an amazing night. Inspired”

Charlie Dark

Bang Said The Gun is the kind of night you want to play if you’re a spoken word artist. Wicked night.”

Polar Bear

Bang Said The Gun is the best poetry night in London. Don’t believe me? Go on Thursday and check it out for yourself.”

Nathan Penlington

Bang is a lesson on how it should be done!”

Niall O’Sullivan

A truly cracking night… If poetry nights were all like this, no one would watch TV!”

Shane Solanki

This is the way Poetry Evenings should go. Fuck me, this is more like it!”

Elvis McGonagall

Brash, boisterous and seriously entertaining… sooner or later the wider population will cotton on to just how much fun poetry can be. In the meantime BANG SAID THE GUN is one of the strongest soldiers fighting the good fight.”

South London Press

Last nights show was BRILLIANT, I mean stupendously so, I have never had so much fun… Incredible job, to have been able to create not just a vibe, but a look, a sound, a style, an aesthetic, so simply – entirely its own amongst all the live shows is just stunning…”

Inua Ellams

Pure poetry gold – awesome quality performances, brilliant atmosphere, funky music and animations, and one of the best nights we’ve been to in the last two years. All this and they manage to do this every week!”

Write Out Loud